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Core Activities

Severn Waste Environmental Fund

WTOF is responsible for the management of the Severn Waste Environmental Fund (SWEF) in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The fund, designed to help mitigate the effects of landfill, uses the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme to help local communities.

By the end of 2004 the finance made available in the form of grants from the Severn Waste Environmental Fund will total 1,930,000. Since it began in 2000 the fund has helped numerous community projects related to sustainability and which encourage good environmental practice. This has ranged from improving disabled access to installing renewable energy heating and other green technologies in community buildings in the two counties.

Under the Scheme regulations, projects which can be funded are those which:
reclaim land, the use of which has been prevented by some past activity
reduce or prevent pollution on land
provide or maintain public amenities and parks
conserve biodiversity for UK species habitats
restore or repair buildings for religious worship, or of architectural or historical interest

For further information about the SWEF, or an application form, please call Bill Richardson on 01386 556222 or email severnwastefund@aol.com

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