About Us

Welcome to Our Future is a community owned charity which is promoting and delivering sustainable development across the Marches in the rural West Midlands.  Born out of the Local Agenda 21 movement in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, our projects are as diverse as the issues we all face in order to live a more sustainable life.  Welcome to Our Future is an organisation small in scale but big in heart. We create local infrastructure projects which facilitate better resource management – the crux of sustainable development. You can find out more about our organisation here.

20th Anniversary! 1998 – 2018



communities supported with grants.


local businesses and social enterprises financed.


household Waste Minimisation Campaign.


Access to Finance:

Providing vital financial support to local businesses and social enterprises in the Marches.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure:

Working with community buildings to combine renewable energy with points for charging electric cars.

Community Land Trusts:

Expert advice and finance for communities to create their own assets.

Renewable Energy:

One-stop-shop for communities and businesses to generate their own energy.