Who we are

Trustees: Ros Gowers, Chris Haynes, Robert Plumb, Robin Walker

Finance  Manager: Andy Jones
Grants Manager:  Bill Richardson

What we do

Welcome To Our Future is a development charity set up after the first Rio Earth Summit to promote sustainable development principally in  Worcestershire. We work to conserve, protect and enhance the environment in ways that are sustainable for the planet and improve conditions of life and well-being in our communities.  Our activities either look to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of our lives or create means by which we can manage our resource base in a more flexible and sustainable way. We are currently supporting imaGine, working from its base in the Riverside Centre in Evesham, which aims to provide a catalyst for change, working with local communities, exploring sustainability, and discovering how we can work together for a healthier, happier, lower carbon future. We create and support projects of all sizes, from environmental projects in schools, to one-off community events .  Recently we have been promoting a project to supply bird feeding stations and nest boxes into care homes , hospices, schools and other community areas, benefiting both the wildlife  and the humans who can enjoy nature closer to hand. We are owned by our membership and directed by a committed team of employees and trustees. If you would like to learn more about what we do, or would like to work with us to promote sustainable development in the area, we are always happy to talk.